Challenges and Solutions in Transitioning to Renewable Energy

The challenges associated with transitioning to renewable energy are particularly rooted in the uncontrolled variability of energy production related to weather conditions, which does not align with the demand for electricity. This mismatch necessitates the use of energy storage systems.

   Therefore, Termo2Power S.A. offers industrial energy storage systems with liquid cooling and heating, ranging from 215 kWh modules to 6.7 MWh per 40 ft container. These systems are equipped with LFP (LiFePO4) batteries, BMS (Battery Management System), EMS (Energy Management System), and safety systems.

Applications of Energy Storage

There are various applications for energy storage systems, such as:

1. **Peak Shaving**: Reducing peak power usage.

2. **Time/Load Shifting**: Adjusting energy use to off-peak times.

3. **Arbitrage Model**: Buying and storing energy when prices are low and selling when prices are high.

4. **Emergency Power/UPS**: Providing backup power.

5. **Enhancing Efficiency/Power for Industry/Businesses**: Increasing operational efficiency and power availability.

6. **Demand Side Response (DSR)**: Responding to changes in electricity demand.