Open steam power /Pressure reduction systems


  • Steam with a higher pressure like 12 bar passes the expander where part of its energy is converted into mecahnical power to spin a generator.
  • Steam with lower pressure like ca 3 bar is available for applications
  • The open steam power systems are for applications where steam is needed for a process like sterilization or where industrial process steam is ventilated to the atmosphere
  • The electrical efficiency can be up to ca 18 % calculated from the kWt what is required to heat up the steam. ( NB from the total kWt needed to evaporate water into steam !! )
Expander 1
power per mass flow kW/(kg/s) 229
efficiency % 85
Generator 1
power per mass flow kW/(kg/s) 223
generator 0,97
expander 0,85